1) Chief Instructors will be addressed as "Sensei" (teacher) or "Shihan" (Master)

2) All other instructors will be addressed as Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss.

3) All students will bow before entering or leaving the Dojo floor.

4) No jewelry will be worn during any of the workouts.

5)No chewing gum, eating or drinking in the Dojo.

 6) A clean karate gi must be worn to every class. (A gi is required after 1 month of enrollment)

7) All sparring gear is required after 2 months of enrollment.

8) No talking during the workouts.

9) No horseplay in the Dojo at any time.

10) Shoes must be removed before entering the Dojo floor.

11) Students should maintain general hygiene at all times.

12) Show respect to fellow students, in and out of the Dojo.

13) Never leave the Dojo floor without permission from an Instructor.

14) If you cannot attend a class, please notify one of the Instructors.

15) All Gear and Gi's must be purchased at Bryant's Karate unless you have permission of Master Bryant.